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SDARI Contact Information

    San Diego Association For Rational Inquiry

                    945 Fourth Avenue
                    San Diego, CA 92101

     VOICE: (619) 220-1045
     FAX: (619) 696-9476

SDARI Members On The World Wide Web

SDARI has just been formed, so this list is short. We expect it grow fairly rapidly. If you're a SDARI member and would like to be added to this list, send a note to indicating your name and the URL of your home page.

The SDARI "SKEPTICS" Mailing List

SDARI has established an mailing list for organizational use. The purpose of this list is to facilitate communication concerning SDARI activities. We will keep the message velocity on this list quite low. This list is mostly for event announcements.

To subscribe to this mailing list, send an e-mail message to and indicate that you want to be on the SKEPTICS mailing list. This message will cause you email address to be added to the list and you will get anouncments about upcoming events and, ocationally, items of interest. This is done privately on SDARI vice president Ernie Ernissee's computer and will be kept very informal. You can also send email to SDARI's president at:

Keith Taylor, at

[*] SDARI Home Page