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SDARI is heading into its third year of operation. At our November meeting, a slate of new officers was nominated for election. After they accepted the nominations, the slate was submitted at the meeting. No additional nominations were forthcoming. Regrettably, the unopposed candidates could not be elected due to the lack of a quorum, as defined in the bylaws of the association. Their election will be affirmed at our next meeting. Due to operational considerations, they are listed as officers in the present issue.

Our past meetings have had very variable attendance. Some excellent speakers with very interesting subjects have attracted smaller audiences than anticipated, while others have drawn larger audiences than expected.

In order to get some guidance from the general members, and the public, we have included a questionnaire in this issue (pages 5 and 6). It was prepared by H. Jeff Hall, one of our members. We urge you to fill it out and return it, or a copy, to Jeff. Please give us the benefit of your opinions and suggestions.

One of the big events in San Diego during the past year, at least as far as the news media were concerned, was the mass suicides of "Heaven's Gate" members. This small religious group sought afterlife aboard a spaceship they believed was trailing the Hale-Bopp comet. This event gave exposure to SDARI in the media both locally and abroad. We were able to provide some rational perspectives on the event.

Such a dramatic, irrational event is not likely to occur again soon, at least not in the San Diego area. We have to try to maintain our visibility in the community, and to the news media, in some less dramatic ways. For this we need to offer interesting lectures to the public and promote them. We need the help of the members!

Our meetings take place on the fourth Sunday of each month. We thought originally that it may not be the best time for public meetings. However, we have become accustomed to it. My wife and I try to invite some friend(s) to join us for dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants, and then proceed to the meeting. We find this enjoyable, and we look forward to it each month. Usually we leave the meeting a little bit wiser than when we arrived. Please join us.


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