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Congratulations to the following participants in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. They are SDARI's first annual Rational Thinking award winners for 2000:

Mohammad Maktabi, Grade 12, Morse High, Advisor: C. Rossi

Antibiotic Properties of Garlic on E. Coli

Jessica Gomez, Grade 11, Chula Vista High, Advisor: J. Cherry

Is California Really Going to Fall into the Ocean?

Mira Hall, Grade 10, Clairemont High, Advisor: J. Patzold

Computer Analysis of Newspaper Article Types

Meredith Johnson, Grade 8, Peirce Middle School, Advisor: F. Lucio

Echinacea: Virus Killer?

Rodney Jones, Grade 7, St. Peter's, Advisor: A. Jeanson

Epidural Anesthetic and Attention Deficit Disorder

Jake Armbruster, Grade 8, Pershing Middle School, Adviser: N. Neg

Does the Moon Affect human Behavior?