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A Visit to a UFO Congress

By Barbara B. Hemmingsen

We were in luck. The Second Annual International UFO Congress was being held practically next door to the RV park in Laughlin, Nevada, where we were parked for the night. How could any skeptic pass up such an opportunity? Despite the July heat, Edvard and I just had to go. What did I expect of a UFO convention? Well, I expected an exclusive focus on UFOs - what they are believed to be, evidence for their existence, testimonials, and so forth.

My expectations were disappointed by the presence of a large, bright green balloon in the shape of an alien (large head, slanted black oval eyes) holding up its right hand in a V-sign (victory?). Such a comical figure hardly seemed appropriate for a meeting that intended to be serious. Nobody asked for money at the entrance and, once inside, we blended with the crowd. My expectations were thoroughly deflated by the vendor exhibits. It was clear that attendees were expected to have interests in astrology, auras, new energy, channeling, magnet therapy, and out-of-body experiences as well as in UFOs. This somewhat astonishing mixture of beliefs was put into perspective by the last session of the day in which Ms. Lyssa Royal prepared the audience for the trip that night to the Indian Petroglyph site to watch the sky.

Ms. Royal started by telling how her first encounter with a UFO in New Hampshire as a teenager solidified her already strong belief in extraterrestrial beings (ETs) and UFOs. How, in her twenties, in a dream, an alien touched her body at various - she didn't specify - sites and informed her that she was chosen as a channel for ETs to communicate with humans. She subsequently sought out a famous channeler with whom she studied to perfect her channeling skills. In the 1980s, she received a vast amount of information over a 6 week period which not only answered many of her questions about our ET forefathers and visitors but also made clear that we humans will soon understand the "greater reality of the universe". These were the topics of her first book: The Prism of Lyra, on sale in the exhibit area.

After another 20 minutes of describing her development as an ET channeler, and mentioning her two subsequent books: The Visitor Within and Preparing for Contact, she got down to the business at hand.

She firmly believes that there is higher/different level of reality in the universe, that the ETs inhabit this plane and, because humans are almost ready to evolve to this higher level, the ETs are willing to attempt contact with us. Such contact can take many forms: telepathy, dreams, direct physical contact, abduction. She works with friends in Arizona to develop techniques for initiating contact with ETs (Close Encounters 5) and has been successful. So successful, in fact, that she is asked to train teams in Italy, Japan, and other parts of the world. The Japanese team recently reported to her that they contacted aliens in a ship and that the ship came so close that they could look through the windows. She emphasized that Close Encounters 5 will only happen if humans initiate the contact not for gathering evidence or proof, but to learn about themselves, to become less rigid, more flexible.

Ms. Royal made it clear that those people participating in the Skywatch must come without negative baggage: "fear, anger, skepticism, hostility." Any of these will prevent the person, and the group, from making contact and frustration will result. "You must not expect to be entertained." The two techniques she will use to prepare the group will be the red/green procedure and harmonizing the group with the "love frequency", the beat of the human heart. According to Ms. Royal, the different levels of reality are connected by differences in frequencies. In order to create a "common ground" between us and the ETs, it is necessary to resonate with the "heart frequency." We humans are capable of accessing this energy but are trained not to - rather we are trained to use our intellect only. But now humans are moving into a new stage of our evolution in which the heart will be integrated with our intellect. Ms. Royal promised to help the group become ". . . harmonized in heart frequ!
ency, (then) the event is more likely to happen." Her definition of success is not ships in the sky, but something more profound, a meeting of minds, a deep change in our perception of ourselves and each other.

Concerned about our dog in the shaded, but still warm, RV, we had to leave before Ms. Royal demonstrated the exercises that would be used on the Skywatch. On the way back to the RV park, I noticed the thick clouds and heat lightning and wondered how such mundane earthly phenomena would impact the group's success in contacting ETs. But I had noticed how cleverly Ms. Royal had prepared the group for the non-appearance of ships or other physical and tangible signs of ETs. The red/green technique and the heart rate exercises (calisthenics as she admitted) and the pleasure of being under the sky together with like-minded people would undoubtedly lead to feelings of companionship and common purpose, feelings most pleasurable for our tribal species. Thus, success was assured if such feelings were attributed to aliens making contact.


Barbara B. Hemmingsen is the Secretary of SDARI.